Romania is one of the most surprising places in Europe. If you like waking up in a place with great food, surrounded by nature, this is the place to go! Romanian food and its flavours have been influenced by many countries, such as Turkey, Greece or Slavic countries (Ukraine and Russia, for example).

Romania and seafood

Prawns, mussels, crayfish, lobster, octopus, squid – these all sound like a typical seafood menu from a Mediterranean country. What a surprise to discover how much the Black Sea has to offer in places like Constanta or Mangalia! In these cities you can find dishes like grilled or fried fish with corn flour and polenta, garlic mussels served with white sauce, and grilled calamari with lemon sauce or filled with cheese.

Mussels with spicy tomato sauce

At the market

There is nothing more enjoyable than discovering a local market in every Romanian city you go to.
The best part is watching local people go about their daily routine or how they’re buying food for that day’s dinner or even some special occasions. In the usual market you’ll find products like river fish, honey, pickled vegetables, homemade kefir or Romanian folklore style dishes.

While you’re there, make sure to grab some local street food – the most popular one is mici. If that’s not your thing, get a nice piece of cheese like urdă, caș or brânză. Don’t forget to buy a fresh fish and some vegetables if you’re planning to cook for yourself or your hosts.

Tomatoes and potatoes at the market

What do Romanians eat for breakfast?

Romanian food is a multicultural thing, just like the whole country. The breakfast is no exception. A great example can be found in the countryside, where some locals still prefer a hot bowl of polenta to start their day, only to drink some Turkish style coffee later in the afternoon. Polenta is the most important dish of Romania, most of the time served as a side dish, as a starter with brânză (white cheese) or as part of desserts. This means polenta everywhere, with everything!

On the other side, urban life will bring you delicious meals like pastries, which you can get before on a busy Monday morning from the local bread shop. From here,  you should also grab merdenele (pastries with cheese) or covrigi (crispy Romanian pretzels) and your favorite coffee. Fans of sweet breakfasts can enjoy fresh bread with butter and plums or black cherry jam.

Up for a savoury breakfast instead? Get some hard boiled eggs, and, since that’s not enough, add some meat to it. And there’s a lot to choose from. Meat lovers will find plenty of cold cuts like parizer (similar to mortadella), salam de Sibiu (salami from Sibiu, a city in the center of the country), cârnați de Pleșcoi (mutton sausages) with tomatoes, cucumbers or eggplant salad.

Enjoy Romania.

Ne vedem în curând!

Fried eggs with bread